Heavenly Parents' Day
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Established 1/1/1968

True Family -- photos from celebration on 2012 Jan 12012 Celebration


Because of the fall, human beings could not realize God's three blessings. Humankind also could not realize the perfection and ideal of the individual, couple, parents, children, and ownership; True Parents restored all this. On the foundation of Parents Day, Children's Day, and The Day of All Things, True Parents established God's Day on January 1, 1968. If Adam and Eve had achieved perfection, they would have received God's Blessing. That day would have been a joyful day for God; it would have been God's Day. God had been longing for His own sons and daughters, and God's Day became a day of exultation, because He could rejoice at having found His son and daughter.

If they had achieved the position of perfected true parents, Adam and Eve would have established Parents Day. That day would also have been the first Children's Day. Perfected Adam and Eve would have been true owners, as well, and could have proclaimed The Day of All Things. In this sense, their Blessing day would have been a combination of God's Day, Parents' Day, Children's Day, and The Day of All Things. In restoration, however, the four days had to be established one by one, ending with God's Day.

Each country has its own holidays. For example, in the West many days such as Father's Day and Mother's Day are celebrated. Yet no one had ever proclaimed or celebrated a day for God. Religious leaders have made many proclamations, but none mentioned this obvious omission, which should be the most important holiday -- God's Day.

(Excerpt from The Tradition, Book One, pg. 99)

This day was originally established and celebrated on January 1st of the solar calendar as God's Day. In 2013, Mother announced that this day would be called Heavenly Parent's Day.



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